Kahu Lāhela

 Arna & UkuleleArna Lāhela Johnson grew up on the shores of Hakipu’u, on the windward side of O’ahu. The ocean and mountains, her childhood playground. Early on, her kuleana (purpose, role, or responsibility) was revealed to her as a Kahu, a spiritual lightworker (one who shifts energy with light).

Her parents and grandparents, of Hawaiian Caucasian ancestry, influenced her in the ways of art, music, fishing, boating, and having an appreciation and reverence for plants, nature, and sentient beings. Hawaiian language, music, culture, spirituality, and philosophy were usual topics of discussion around the family table. Through the years growing up, her parents welcomed to their home many well-known influential people (Werner Erhardt – EST Seminars, Swami Muktananda – renowned religious leader in Hinduism, ʻIolani Luahine – the high priestess of ancient Hawaiian Hula, Pilahi Paki – Hawaiian philosopher, Mary Kawena Pukui – Hawaiian scholar, to name a few) who would have a major impact on her quest for knowledge of spirituality, self awareness, Hawaiian culture and philosophy.

Lāhela is a 1976 graduate of Punahou High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, and a 1980 graduate of Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. She led a very successful and fulfilling career as a professional photographer for nearly 30 years. Her life took a drastic diversion after the 2008 housing market crash where she and her life partner, Geralyn Camarillo, ended up closing their photography businesses, filing for bankruptcy, and losing their home to foreclosure. It was then that her Spiritual journey began, reconnecting her with her soul’s purpose, her kuleana.

A defining moment for her was when she heard a calling, a whisper in her ear, to “let go, trust, and allow”. A voice ever so soft said to her “turn your gaze inward … use your eyes to look within … let go, trust, and allow”. Fear, doubt, and insecurity crept in, not because of the uncertainty of what was happening at that time, because she new she was destined to take a spiritual path, but she was afraid that she wasn’t enough, afraid to speak up, use her voice and stand in the light. All the fears and insecurities from lifetime after lifetime of having been silenced flooded her being. Again and again it was that little voice that kept reminding her of her kuleana (purpose, responsibility).

A wondrous journey unfolded before her, like that of a labyrinth. With each step she took from out of her comfort zone, 10 steps ahead of her opened up where opportunities and choices presented themselves, and amazing mentors and kumu (teachers) also presented themselves. As the Buddhist saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

Today, Lāhela assists others to “let go, trust, and allow” essentially creating flow in their lives, as they realize their kuleana (their purpose) through her self awareness program He Ala Mihi (a way of healing). Through the process of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, she helps people gain profound clarity and insight about their life, and discover infinite wisdom from their higher self.

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