Life is a Mirror


Life is a reflection of our thoughts, our spoken words and feelings. It mirrors our mood, our attitude, our highs and our lows. We get what we give, oftentimes though, not always what we want. Our limited perspective can keep us stuck in right vs. wrong. Being open and willing to see things from a different perspective we learn more about our Self and life presents us with the most amazing gift of all, an opportunity for personal growth. Herein lies the beauty of life that unfolds within because life isn’t happening to us, it is happening FOR us!

My 60th Birthday

Mom & Me

On my 60th birthday, which was Feb. 6, 2018, the most meaningful gift I gave to myself was spending time with my 85 year old mom, Claire Parker Johnson. We laugh, we sing, we share stories, we talk about life and what we’re most grateful for. She looks deep into my eyes and tells me how much she loves and appreciates me. We hold that space together for a moment, smile, and soak each other up!

My Journey

Kahu and Tutu Pele

At least once a year, we pay our respects to Tutu Pele near the Pu’u O’o vent at the Halema’uma’u Crater on Hawaii Island. We bring ho’okupu (offerings) of lei, oli, mele, mea’ai, and mea inu.  We bring nothing back with us except our experiences, stories and memories of our much needed Divine reunion.  While always so sad to leave her, our bond remains strong and her consciousness lives deeply within our hearts.  Until we meet again!