Heal Yourself


“E Ola Pono” –  to live in harmony and with inner peace!

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Life is a Mirror

Life is a mirror ©

Life is a reflection of our thoughts, our spoken words, actions, and feelings. It mirrors our mood, our attitude, our highs and our lows. We get what we give, oftentimes though, not always what we want. Our limited and judgemental perspective can keep us focused on what we don’t want instead of what we do want. An obvious tell-tale sign is when we live by right vs. wrong. In being open and willing to see things from a different perspective, we learn more about our Self and life presents us with the most amazing gift of all, an opportunity for personal growth. Herein lies the beauty of life that unfolds within when we recognize that in every moment life isn’t happening to us, it is happening FOR us!

More about Kahu Lāhela

Plants talk to me!

Kahu Paʻakai & OlenaPlants talk to me.
And I listen.
My passion is being in my garden.

Plants guide me to create tinctures and extracts to assist in my spiritual work.
I noticed it was time to make a new batch of my blessing bowl concoction of Olena, paʻakai (Hawaiian sea salt), and awa. My Olena plant (turmeric), which Iʻve been nurturing for several years, called out to me. She was ready to be of service.

Spirit Tree

Spirit Tree

I met this tree decades ago on one of my favorite hikes. She caught my eye with her beauty, strength, and her presence. I paused and breathed her in, her life-giving essence, her mana. Any worries or concerns I may have had vanished. Moments seemed like hours, as if time stood still. I was held captive. With limbs stretched outward, she welcomed and greeted me. With roots embedded deep and wide into Mother Earth, she grounded me. She reminded me that the strength I saw in her was my strength, her beauty was my beauty, her presence was my presence. I think about her often and she visits me in my dreams. Spirit Tree restores me and I am once again whole.

My 60th Birthday

Mom & Me

On my 60th birthday, which was Feb. 6, 2018, the most meaningful gift I gave to myself was spending time with my 85 year old mom, Claire Parker Johnson. We laugh, we sing, we share stories, we talk about life and what we’re most grateful for. She looks deep into my eyes and tells me how much she loves and appreciates me. We hold that space together for a moment, smile, and soak each other up!