On-Demand Intensives

When live intensives are complete, recordings are available On Demand. The following series of On Demand Intensive offerings include:

The Goddess Forgives

Goddess Artwork by Sue Kosharek

The Goddess Forgives is ideal for you if you want to:
• heal unresolved or unknown grief and wounds
• walk in peace, harmony, and love with your sisters and brothers
• experience the Divine Feminine in and through and as you—and as all
• forgive—and know you have forgiven—both yourself and others
• learn a form of Ho’oponopono in the Hawaiian lineage of Papa Kalua
• free your true voice after being silenced for eons
• honor your responsibility to heal our wounded world
• experience a mystical prayer of forgiveness in a soul community


The Goddess Forgives Me

Goddess Artwork by Sue Kosharek

What is The Goddess Forgives Me?
As the original The Goddess Forgives intensive came to a close, members begged Lahela and Janet to create a second intensive focusing on forgiving ourselves. A surprising revelation in the first intensive was the awareness of the profound meaning of taking 100% responsibility for all your relationships. Everyone sensed that taking full responsibility for self-forgiveness is the key to freedom in this lifetime and the key to changing our world.


The Goddess Forgives Us All

Goddess Artwork by Sue Kosharek

What is The Goddess Forgives Us All?

The Goddess Forgives Us All is the 3rd intensive in an ongoing series. A critical awareness in Ho‘oponopono is that we must take 100% responsibility for all our relationships—with people, with ourselves, with our purpose, our communities, and our mother earth. In The Goddess Forgives Me, we took full responsibility for self-forgiveness. In The Goddess Forgives Us All we gather in community to take full responsibility to heal all relationships through time. What is so beautiful about The Goddess Forgives Us All is that we have come full circle back to the original ancient shamanic purpose of Ho‘oponopono.


The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals

Goddess Artwork by Sue Kosharek

The Goddess Forgives; My Body Heals is ideal for you if you desire to:

  • begin a lifelong partnership relationship with your personal healing ‘Aumakua
  • once and for all heal ancestral illnesses and beliefs without having to know what they are
  • take 100% responsibility for your life and well-being and experience the joy of taking back your power and living the life you choose
  • experience what wholeness and harmony feel like in your body
  • join a mystical soul community


Hoʻoponopono for Mother Earth

Goddess Artwork by Sue Kosharek

Ho‘oponopono for Mother Earth is ideal for you if you desire to:

  • make a difference and participate in the birth of the New Earth
  • be a part of a global community tipping the scales as we all assist in the awakening of a new global healing consciousness
  • contribute your energy, presence, and prayers to the healing of Mother Earth
  • experience yourself as an energetic light being living in Oneness with Mother Earth and all creation