Forgiveness Through Hoʻoponopono

“There aren’t many I call “teacher.” Like me, Lāhela doesn’t label herself a teacher and yet, she taught me something immeasurable. Or perhaps I should say she invited me into something immeasurable, something my soul has been waiting for. As Lāhela led one of my soul communities into the sacred prayer of Hoʻoponopono, my heart opened and opened, and I found myself dropping into a whole new way of being in The Mystic.”

~ Janet Conner, author of Writing Down Your Soul, Soul Vows, and many more. Co-teacher of The Goddess Forgives.


I experienced the power of the Ho’oponopono prayer practice when Kahu Lāhela taught it to us in a group. My entire body tingled with the release of unwanted toxins, purifying me with the sweetness of divine love. Lāhela is a masterful storyteller, gentle healer, and guide whose loving presence reminds us of our divinity.”

~ Uma Girish, Grief Guide & Award-Winning Author


“Before working with Kahu Lahela, I was stuck in generational patterns of victimhood and deep resentment.  I thought life just happened to me and I was one of the unlucky ones.

I knew in my core that my soul was clamoring for deep healing.  However, I didn’t know how to free myself from the pain I was holding in my mind, body and soul.

Kahu Lahela taught me how to cut the generational cords of resentment and victimization. The cords were deeply rooted, and yet with her love and guidance, I began the process of releasing and healing.

Since doing this powerful work, even my physical appearance has changed.  My soul feels light and at peace, my body feels free of resentment, and my mind now looks for love and compassion as the answer to everything.

Every now and then, the Universe conspires to connect us with beautiful souls that show up at the perfect time and help us heal and become more of who are meant to be in this lifetime.  Kahu Lahela, is one of those people in my life.

~ Brenda Rivas
Miami, Florida