Hawaiian Style House Blessing

“Hawaiian blessings are sacred and few people are in touch with the spirit that guides an authentic Hawaiian blessing. The experience of having Kahu Lāhela Johnson bless our place brought light and love in all the dark corners. Mahalo a nui Loa.”     ~ mhm


“I’ve only experienced a house blessing with priests and holy water. I didn’t know what to expect when Kahu Lāhela came to bless our home. Starting from the entrance all the way through the separate rooms and outside onto our lanai and around the house, she took her time to bless each and every square inch of our humble home. She left a sachet of Hawaiian salt to keep in our home. Kahu Lāhela’s “work” is done with so much love and care; she showed her mālama (care) through her voice, her hands, her actions.”     ~ DC


“The blessing of our home Kahu Lāhela performed was beautiful and powerful. It reached each one of us in very different and much needed ways for cleansing, releasing, and healing. I am so grateful for her loving ways.”     ~ MK