QHHT – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy

“I was so excited to hear Lāhela was doing this work, so for my birthday gift to myself, I contacted her for a QHHT. I’ve read and heard about QHHT sessions and was always curious to do one myself. It was so amazing to connect to my higher self and receive messages of clarity. I learned so much about who I am and how I can be of greater service to others. But more than that it allowed me to go deeper beyond my subconscious and all the mind chatter and truly let go, forgiving all that I needed to. There were things from my past lives that I was also holding onto and was creating small blockages, throughout the session I was able to hear what it was, why I felt what I did, and how I could heal and let go. Thus, allowing me to be more present here and now. This session has given me a clearer understanding of my purpose, how I can stand in my own gifts and strength, and truly give myself unconditional love as well as others. Having a QHHT with Lahela has certainly been transformative for me. With her assistance along with Spirit and my spirit guides I am back on my path with greater awareness. Love and gratitude…”

~ TD


“Due to an unfortunate event last year my PTSD was triggered. Because of the PTSD I subsequently had to deal with a long bout of insomnia. My mind seemed to be stuck in a loop relating to previous trauma and I couldn’t seem to break it myself. During a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session with Kahu Lāhela, I was taken through a beautiful and ultra relaxing induction. She seamlessly guided me into a deep somnambulistic state. I honestly have never felt more relaxed. Kahu Lāhela posed the most intuitive questions that offered many succinct messages to assist me in the healing process. Words aren’t enough to describe how healing her hypnosis session was. I’m sleeping through the night now and I feel the healing taking place in my body. I am forever blessed and thankful for that experience.”

Mahalo nui, Kahu Lāhela!!!

~ CH