The Goddess Forgives (Part One)

Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of forgiveness. This ancient practice was and is used to mediate and resolve any conflicts, challenges, or misunderstandings between family members. The process involves a haku (a mediator) and every member of the family would agree to participate in the essential process, which could take days, to reach resolution and forgiveness, and restore harmony, and balance.

Papa Kalua Kaiahua, from the island of Maui, was a Laʻau Lapaʻau (plant medicine) and Lomilomi (massage) expert. While working on patients with varying health challenges, Papa Kalua used an updated prayer version of Hoʻoponopono to release his patients from sickness, disharmony, and imbalance in their body, mind, and spirit.

My Kumu (teacher), Karen Leialoha Carroll, a Kumu Lomilomi (teacher of lomilomi), was a student of Papa Kalua. She teaches and utilizes this prayer in her healing work and lomilomi workshops.

As a Kahu (keeper of the Light and practitioner of spiritual traditions), this prayer is of profound importance in my daily activities to cleanse and re-balance myself, and harness the healing powers of Light for the blessing of homes, businesses, and people who seek clarity, spiritual guidance, and healing for themselves and their loved ones.

This past December, I was invited by Janet Conner (an author, prayer artist, and deep soul explorer) to teach this Hoʻoponopono healing prayer to one of her soul-community groups and give them an opportunity to experience it’s affect on a personal level. The phenomenal intensity of release and emotional healing experienced by the group brought to our attention a need for an in-depth course, which shortly thereafter birthed “The Goddess Forgives – A Unique Hoʻoponopono Forgiveness Intensive” (Part One) that we just offered in April.

The discounted course video recordings for The Goddess Forgives (Part One) are available for purchase. With these recordings you will receive the supplemental handbook and supporting videos available on the resource page. You will also be included into the private Facebook group page where everyone is encouraged to share experiences of this healing prayer practice.

May you discover new depths of Love for the Divine within!

Me Ke Aloha Pau ʻOle (with never ending Aloha),

Kahu Lāhela

The Goddess Forgives (Part One)